Kingdom series by Marie Hall-4*

Bad Five

Okay so first of all….phew…..I finally finished all the eleven books in this series.

My faves?

In general all of the books except for Jinni’s wish were pretty good reads for me.

All of them had strong heroines with dark aspects. Oh how can I forget the Dark Princess Saga? The Bad Five saga read like a normal with a quirk fairy tale to me but ohemgee the Dark Princess saga with it’s heroines who are everything from the the mad hatter’s equally mad daughter to the siren cursed Mrs Rumpelstiltskin to Red’s fierce and strong daughter to Maid Marian aka Nix and my personal favorite among favorites Hook’s daughter Nimue and her crazy sexy merman Sircco.

All of these books went down like hot chocolate and I demanded more.

I mean Neverland, Wonderland, Eastern Realms and the Seren Seas all in one?

I was the luckiest girl in the world to have found this amazingly notorious writer.

Did anyone else read Moon’s Flower and want to kill that bitch Siria and Galeta, not to mention June? I sure did. I fell in love with Jericho though. Hell, I fell in love with every one of the heroes in the Dark Princess Saga and Hook. Hook’s book was probably the best in the Bad Five just as Nimue’s book was in the DPS.

I look forward to reading Calypso’s story though. I hope to hell that someone kills that fucking Pan and Tinkerbell or I’ll be mighty pissed.

Now I don’t know what happened to Miz Hall when she wrote jinni’s wish but I hated that book. Jinni should never have been given a chance to save himself and Paz….that fucking spineless bitch shouls have died in that plane accident. I have no idea how they managed to have Nix for a kid because she sure ain’t like any one of them.

I hated that book. But hey, rotten apple on every tree and all that.


Demon Revealed by Connie Suttle- 4*


(Reah, I know you’re not happy with us right now, but we didn’t order the firebombing. RAA moved without consulting us.)

(And I’m supposed to believe that?)

(Reah, you’re being disrespectful with a superior.)

I didn’t answer him. If he knew how disrespectful I wanted to be—I was staring at Xiri’s bones, after all. I sobbed. (Reah? Reah, are you still there?)

(You be respectful, Vice-Director, the next time a friend’s bones lie beneath your hand.)

I cut off the communication. Lendill didn’t try again. The Drakus seed trade is threatening to destroy the Alliance as an old enemy reemerges.

Reah is placed in the thick of that battle, with no experience and little help from her superiors. Unexpected betrayals and alliances are formed, and Reah must use every bit of her strength and wit to protect those she loves.

I have no idea why I picked up this book especially after the abuse that Reah went through during the last and this book doesn’t change in that category. The ASA is still using her and putting her in places that no one but a highly trained field operative should get into.

And don’t even get me started on that motherfucking Devin or motherfucking Teeg. Seriously, I am hating the both of them right now. Teeg more than the former asshole.

Reah is treated abysmally by her superiors but she doesn’t break. She is named heir to the guy who is coordinating the whole drakus seed project and then, when she has a plan in place to blast them out into space (exaggeration) the motherfucking ASA drops a bomb on her.

I don’t understand whether she is spineless or strong to take what she does but this book sure as hell hammers home the point that once you give your allegiance to the RAA you are their property.

And god asshole Teeg, I don’t even have words for that level of assholerishness. I don’t care that its not a legal word, it should be and that’s that.

And…urgh….Tory had the gall to mark her when he did. Dud.

But one good thing that happened in this book was Reah’s friendship with the reptanoids. All of whom are cute and cuddly. Believe me, I don’t normally associate those words with snakes but the reptanoids were really good guys.

I can’t even decide why the ASA did what they did. Reah had set the fucking Volcano after them but I don’t know, to me it felt like they were doing cleanup and not the good kind.

Regardless, I am looking forward to the next book.

Demon Lost by Connie Suttle-3.5*


The first thing that I am going to say about this book is…..I never expected it to be so uniquely amazing.

The plot goes:

Reah Desh is a chef in one of her family’s restaurant. She works there with her abusive brother, who she was given to at eight years of age because the man that she thought was her father, turned out to be her grandfather and her brother, the one who physically, emotionally and mentally abused her, raped her mother and was her real father.

Oh and, not to be forgotten is the fact that her grandfather had twenty six sons and seven wives who were alive.

She is the best chef in the realm but she has never gotten the appropriate recognition because her brother stole all the credit and she was too afraid to leave.

That is, until she was conscripted in by the RAA-Reth Alliance Army or some such-and she left for training. But because she was too short and light she was given kitchen work there too until she was transferred to the Governor’s house to do the same.

There, a bastard cook in a fit of immature and misplaced jealousy tampered with her pod during a drill and sent her flying into space and onto and non-Alliance planet.

Here she comes into the greedy grasp of two slavers who then take her to an army outpost on Mendil. She is a cook for the army here too.

This is where she meets her first mate-Aurelis-who is going by the name Aris.

And then there were spawn. They are mindless people a lot like zombies but with a brain. Reah is an expert marksman and she is quickly conscripted into helping the Rangers-the wizards who can see the spawn-and go off with them to hunt these spawn with ranos tech rifles.

The mother bitch of all spawn-the Ra’Ak-attacks the Crown City-where everyone in moved when the life outside its walls grows too dangerous and the spawn begin taking over villages and town. This is the first time that Reah shifts into her High Demon form and kills the bastard Ra’Ak.

But she is hurt in the process and is taken to Le-Ath Veronis, the planet that the Vampire Queen rules with her seventeen mates. They recognize her for who she is and it isn’t long before the ASD, the President of whose organization happens to be one of the Queen’s mates, comes to know of her survival and her presence on one of the Aliiance planets.

So she is conscripted to work for the ASD-Alliance Security Detail-as a special agent.

She then severs all her relationship with her former family and settles in to wait out the five years of service.

Okay so that was the plot.

Generally, I don’t read books like this and I was sure that this was going to be a disappointment. I was prepared for another one of those books with an asshole of a hero and a damsel of a heroine but I was pleasantly- really pleasantly-disappointed.

Sure Reah lived in an abusive household but she grows and matures under the careful care of these new people in her life. Her character grows steadily throughout the book and she continues surprising.

There was also the fact-the fact that gained this book an extra .5*-that the plot didn’t portray the main female protagonist as some savior of the world or its only hope or some such shit. Sure she was important but that was because she was a High Demon female. A rare breed indeed. There was also no “Oh I am so helpless! Come save me someone! Oh there is blood on the floor! I am going to faint! Oh that man was holding a rifle! How could he not have a conscience! Oh my people were killed in bombings! But surely the enemy is only misunderstood!” shit.

Also her first mate, Auri, is not an asshole but a nice man. I like that in the love interest of the protag. He is strong and a lion of a man but not over bearing or coddling when the former and the latter are not warranted.

Also, the book was not just about the heroine or the hero. There are bigger things going on and a bigger plot taking place. That is one of my favorite qualities in a book.They are part of a bigger universe-literally-and that universe is more important than the lost of them.

All in all, I liked this book and I am looking forward to reading its next installment.

And quite frankly-multiple hot males, some of whom are aliens-mated to one female? Why the fuck wouldn’t I read the next book?

A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin


Right now, I’m 70% into one of the most deliciously built worlds ever.

I realized somewhere between 20-30% that I should have waited till I was at least 24 to read this, but eh, I read my first BDSM book by Sylvia day or Shayla Black (I don’t remember) about Logan and Cherry when I was twelve.

The first thing I am going to say is:-

This book is so fucking long you could fit three Order of the Phoenix into it.

The second thing I am going to say is (well, its more of an ask):-

Can someone please do me a favor and kill the spineless motherfucking bitch Sansa?

Third thing:-

Can we please have more Arya in the next book?

Fourth thing (more of a confession really):-

I only picked up this book after I read on JMomoa’s wiki that he was Khal Drogo. I am in love with his body, so help me god.

Okay long story, you really should take my word on this, short:-
It’s all about the Iron Throne.

There, I said it.

It’s all about the throne. So far I have figured Lannisters, the queen’s family for those of you who are not in the know, or inbreeding bastards as I fondly call them, deserve to die in the most brutal way possible. Starks are either too good or too spineless for their own good and Jaime Lannister is a snake.

King Robert was a spineless bastard who cared way too much about his throne and too little about his people.

Sansa….I don’t even have words for to describe my hatred for the little bitch.

Arya is my favorite female character. Odd isn’t it? The only female in the whole book who I love is an eight year old girl?

Catelyn is a…well, she is…..pathetic really. No other word for it.

Eddard Stark, what kind of a name is that anyway, is the one male who could, notice I don’t say should but could, sit on the throne and manage it but alas, like always, the just have never wanted the throne.

Danerys (Mighta gotten the spelling wrong there) is a child. She is childish, immature but, and thank god for this, not a bitch.

I am not even going to talk about Viserys (Mighta gotten this one wrong too) and my contempt where he is concerned. All I am going to say is, he makes Dudley look like Pooh.

I don’t know whether I loved this book because I am not sure the word can apply over here. The title is truly justified though. Because this is all about that fugly Throne. It has too much, and I mean too much creepy sex between creepy brother and sister.

The Dothraki, ironically, are the most normal people in the whole book. I would said that I could get behind them had it not been for Khal Drogo’s monologue about crossing the sea and raping and plundering the King’s Lands and people. I can’t get behind that sorta shit. No matter what. Not to mention that I was seriously creeped out by the stallion’s heart thing.

But eh, we, the proud readers of supernatural fiction, have a stomach of steel. If we didn’t, well, we’d have puked a thousand times by now.

I liked Bran though. If that counts. And Jon Snow. I don’t know why I am still reading this book but there it is, this book has hooked me in.

I tell myself:-
Rika, you’re going to pick up a regency romance after this and forget all about the Iron Throne.
But I am lying to myself.

As soon as I finish this book I am going to pick up its sequel and jump into it.

BTW, is anyone else as excited as I am to see where Arya lands?

I haven’t reached there yet.

I will update the review when I finish the fuckin too long book.

Chosen Thief by Scarlett Dawn


I saw Caro

I went


I saw Sin


I went


I saw Leric


I went

I saw Brann


I went


I saw Merrick


I went


Oh mamma……

This book had all of the things that I look for in SD books. Namely:-

1. A warrior heroine with a spine of steel
2. A heroine who is sexually independent and rather demanding
3. A hero-or heroes-who were all unassholish. You don’t even know how rare that is. It’s practically nonexistent.
4. A heroine who is not a virgin.
5. An intro-series plot that I can follow
6. This was different from the King Trio. I thought that this would have at least some reflection of it but it was perfect and I was wrong. I’ve never been so glad to be wrong before.
7. The sexual tension….oh mamma…it practically jumped at you from the pages
8. Witty repartee
9. Troublemaker heroine
10. Humorous situations
11. Steamy, hot, rough, dirty-talking, panty-soaking, low-down sex
12. More info about the ever elusive Spirit Elementals
13. Vizoacs!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book was perfect.

There was just enough of Lily’s posse to keep me from nostalgia and there was just enough of Caro’s posse to hook me in.


I am now patiently waiting(read: checking SD’s social network everyday and badgering her) for the next book. I want more Leric. I hope Caro has sex with Merrick and Brann and I hope she ends up with….well this is the difficult one.

Caro was on hell of a girl. She has a rough past she is not ashamed of. She has priorities she is not ashamed of. She has a body she is not ashamed of. She is witty, savvy with a gun, quick to the rescue, daredevil and a troublemaker.


Sin is just everything that a girl needs. I would love to see his relationship with Caro or maybe some other girl in the future. He is the kind of guy that makes a perfect mate.

Hot, tall, black, dreadlocked, tattooed…..Leric….
Not to mention that attitude. He is protective of Caro without crowding her space and he pushes her to be the best. Not to mention….Tristan!!!!!D’ya love that tiger or what?

Not to mention Dawn’s naming Caro’s Vizoac Isolde. Bonny and Clyde. West and Buttercup and now Isolde and Tristan!

OMG!!!! Have I even mentioned how happy I am that Jack and Pearl are pregnant. I bet their child or Eric is going to be one amongst the next batch of prodigies. I mean, didn’t we see the same thing with Cahal and Ezra?

I am ranting, aren’t I?

But this book was so fuckin perfect!!!!!
And man that King Hall fiasco!

Am I the only one who finds London sort of adorable?

Okay that’s it for now.

Twice Bitten-Chloe Niell


So…on the quest to find books that were as stimulating as the Forever Evermore I stumbled across Chloe Neill and started the Chicagoland Vampires series.

And while Merit doesn’t even come close to Lily Ruckler or Caro Jules, she has a spine, she can dance, she is good with a sword, she has pride and doesn’t chase guys who have made it explicitly clear that they don’t want her.

On the other hand her romanticism of Ethan Sullivan is not something that I can take easily. He keeps hurting her and like a naive little girl she keeps falling for him.

Ethan Sullivan…he fits your typical paranormal hero to a T. Asshole, pretty, standoffish, strong, ‘Master’, revered, ex-gf issues……you get it. While you could debate originality in Merit’s character, Ethan is not at all original and quite frankly, a disappointment. Scarlett Dawn puts effort into making her characters different and she succeeds. But Neill has followed the same line as countless other urban-fantasy authors and, while the book was good, it’s nowhere near best.

The plot was also easy to follow without much suspense or much stimulation coming from any of the characters. The sex scene was written like in one of the YA books. I have to say, Scarlett Dawn and Ilona Andrews do it much better.

This book therefore has a 2* rating from me.