Chosen Thief by Scarlett Dawn


I saw Caro

I went


I saw Sin


I went


I saw Leric


I went

I saw Brann


I went


I saw Merrick


I went


Oh mamma……

This book had all of the things that I look for in SD books. Namely:-

1. A warrior heroine with a spine of steel
2. A heroine who is sexually independent and rather demanding
3. A hero-or heroes-who were all unassholish. You don’t even know how rare that is. It’s practically nonexistent.
4. A heroine who is not a virgin.
5. An intro-series plot that I can follow
6. This was different from the King Trio. I thought that this would have at least some reflection of it but it was perfect and I was wrong. I’ve never been so glad to be wrong before.
7. The sexual tension….oh mamma…it practically jumped at you from the pages
8. Witty repartee
9. Troublemaker heroine
10. Humorous situations
11. Steamy, hot, rough, dirty-talking, panty-soaking, low-down sex
12. More info about the ever elusive Spirit Elementals
13. Vizoacs!!!!!!!!!!!!

This book was perfect.

There was just enough of Lily’s posse to keep me from nostalgia and there was just enough of Caro’s posse to hook me in.


I am now patiently waiting(read: checking SD’s social network everyday and badgering her) for the next book. I want more Leric. I hope Caro has sex with Merrick and Brann and I hope she ends up with….well this is the difficult one.

Caro was on hell of a girl. She has a rough past she is not ashamed of. She has priorities she is not ashamed of. She has a body she is not ashamed of. She is witty, savvy with a gun, quick to the rescue, daredevil and a troublemaker.


Sin is just everything that a girl needs. I would love to see his relationship with Caro or maybe some other girl in the future. He is the kind of guy that makes a perfect mate.

Hot, tall, black, dreadlocked, tattooed…..Leric….
Not to mention that attitude. He is protective of Caro without crowding her space and he pushes her to be the best. Not to mention….Tristan!!!!!D’ya love that tiger or what?

Not to mention Dawn’s naming Caro’s Vizoac Isolde. Bonny and Clyde. West and Buttercup and now Isolde and Tristan!

OMG!!!! Have I even mentioned how happy I am that Jack and Pearl are pregnant. I bet their child or Eric is going to be one amongst the next batch of prodigies. I mean, didn’t we see the same thing with Cahal and Ezra?

I am ranting, aren’t I?

But this book was so fuckin perfect!!!!!
And man that King Hall fiasco!

Am I the only one who finds London sort of adorable?

Okay that’s it for now.