Kingdom series by Marie Hall-4*

Bad Five

Okay so first of all….phew…..I finally finished all the eleven books in this series.

My faves?

In general all of the books except for Jinni’s wish were pretty good reads for me.

All of them had strong heroines with dark aspects. Oh how can I forget the Dark Princess Saga? The Bad Five saga read like a normal with a quirk fairy tale to me but ohemgee the Dark Princess saga with it’s heroines who are everything from the the mad hatter’s equally mad daughter to the siren cursed Mrs Rumpelstiltskin to Red’s fierce and strong daughter to Maid Marian aka Nix and my personal favorite among favorites Hook’s daughter Nimue and her crazy sexy merman Sircco.

All of these books went down like hot chocolate and I demanded more.

I mean Neverland, Wonderland, Eastern Realms and the Seren Seas all in one?

I was the luckiest girl in the world to have found this amazingly notorious writer.

Did anyone else read Moon’s Flower and want to kill that bitch Siria and Galeta, not to mention June? I sure did. I fell in love with Jericho though. Hell, I fell in love with every one of the heroes in the Dark Princess Saga and Hook. Hook’s book was probably the best in the Bad Five just as Nimue’s book was in the DPS.

I look forward to reading Calypso’s story though. I hope to hell that someone kills that fucking Pan and Tinkerbell or I’ll be mighty pissed.

Now I don’t know what happened to Miz Hall when she wrote jinni’s wish but I hated that book. Jinni should never have been given a chance to save himself and Paz….that fucking spineless bitch shouls have died in that plane accident. I have no idea how they managed to have Nix for a kid because she sure ain’t like any one of them.

I hated that book. But hey, rotten apple on every tree and all that.


Mark of the Mage by RK Ryals-3.5*


Books never die, but they can be forbidden.

Medeisia is a country in turmoil ruled by a blood thirsty king who has outlawed the use of magic and anything pertaining to knowledge. Magery and scribery are forbidden. All who practice are marked with a tattoo branded onto their wrists, their futures precarious.

Sixteen year-old Drastona Consta-Mayria lives secluded, spending her spare time in the Archives of her father’s manor surrounded by scribes. She wants nothing more than to become one of them, but when the scribes are royally disbanded, she is thrust into a harsh world where the marked must survive or die.

My thoughts before I read the book: – Okay so this is just another one of those books where the heroine is professed to save the world. I am sure she’ll be spineless and weak but hey since I haven’t found good written material for a while I’ll take a chance on this book.

10% into the book:- The heroine isn’t spineless or weak or a fuckin bleeding heart.

25% into the book:- The direction that the book is going into is one that I like.

45% into the book:- The hero isn’t an asshole and the heroine is not afraid to be full of rage

60% into the book:- Ha! I knew that was gonna happen.

85% into the book:- This is….interesting

After reading the book:- Damn! I like it!

So Drastona is an illegitimate girl born to a nobleman by a dragon rider with healing powers and powers of a mage. She can talk to the trees and the animals and she can influence the weather. She is also not a martyr type or weak type.

This was a surprise because not every writer-especially a YA-writes a strong and determined protagonist.

Kye…..well, Kye is Kye. He is the bastard son of the slimy-monkey-ball-sucking King. He is also a strong male character without arrogance or cockiness. I would like to know him more.

Now, since I liked the book why give it a 3.5*?

Well that is because I don’t like where the author is going with Kye and Stone’s relationship. The two of them don’t seem right for each other.

In my eyes a fucking-after-battle-buddies is a more appropriate relationship for them.

Regardless, I am going to read the next book.

And there were dragons!!!!

the making of : storage bench

Here’s the story: My new studio has a huge corner window. I wanted to have easy access to it. Instead of putting my working table there, I wanted a storage bench which I could sit on and store my fabrics. Initially, I was planning to buy one. However, I couldn’t find the size/quality that I wanted or it’s just too expensive. So, I decided to build one.

Everything is available at home improvement store. I got mine from home depot and lowes. I’m lucky to find a 97″x16″ wood board with finished surface. 16″ is the width that I wanted. One of the nice thing about these home improvement store is that they can help you to cut the board. I got 3 pieces and asked them to cut in half. So my finished storage bench would be approx. 48.5″long x 16″tall x 16″ width. Oh yes, and some…

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Dragon Mystics by Jaymin Eve-4.5*


Okay, so the first thing that I am going to say is, I read this book in one go and finished at 0129 hrs last night.

Second thing I am going to say is, WOW!

This book’s beginning was a lot like one of my favorite books King Cave with all the hidden sanctuary made by a couple people from different sup races come together and a golden wall to protect it from detection-hence the 4.5 and not a 5*-but all of my doubts dissipated as soon as I saw the inside of the sanctuary with all its desert, cliff, forest, ocean thing going on. Not to mention the skyscraper.

Mischa was just plain annoying though. So spineless, gullible and weak. I want to slap the bitch on the face. Sure she grew up amongst humans but naivete is just plain annoying.

So Max got mated to the vampire bitch Cardia with her fake pretend nature… what? Wasn’t it always a given that Max would have a mate that was not her? And on top of that she fell in with the fruit twins. Which was hilarious by the way. Orange and Lemon! It suited the slimy bitches though.

Eve really surprised me by making the twins so….well…..unlike what I had imagined. I was all out imagining sexy, tall Amazons and there she goes busting all of that and still being perfect.

Oh and mama, that Faerie forest scene with Braxton and Jessa!

Unf! Unf! Unf!

God the way Eve developed their relationship! This is where a lot of the most common mistakes are made. Sure I love the dirty-talk, but there needs to be the heated build-up before it for me to enjoy the fucking scenes.

And boy did I enjoy them.

The chemistry between Grace and Tyson….I loved the start of their build-up. I am hoping to see some action between them in the next book.

Speaking of action…..

Larkspur……(the dragon-king)


I know. I know. I seem to have a thing (read: a chronic case) for the heroine having sex with the sexy villain. But Larkspur is so gorgeous! I know he is evil and she will probably kill him at the end but still! Gorgeous is gorgeous!!!!!!!

What I was totally not expecting though, was that the fruit twins would turn out to be his daughters. And they were!

And he was an uncaring bastard too!

I also want to see some action for Braxton. Poor guy. After so many years of pining, the girl who is his mate finally fucks him and then she is taken away by the evil-but-oh-so-fuckable dragon king.

And god when he snapped the neck of one of the little bitches….I was so fucking satisfied. I have a thing for violence too. Hence my five star rating for King Tomb.

All in all, this book was one amazing story with everything that a girl could want in it. A strong heroine with a sassy mouth, a reverse harem, awesome sex, adventure, and a lot of action.

And there were harpies!!!!

Demon Revealed by Connie Suttle- 4*


(Reah, I know you’re not happy with us right now, but we didn’t order the firebombing. RAA moved without consulting us.)

(And I’m supposed to believe that?)

(Reah, you’re being disrespectful with a superior.)

I didn’t answer him. If he knew how disrespectful I wanted to be—I was staring at Xiri’s bones, after all. I sobbed. (Reah? Reah, are you still there?)

(You be respectful, Vice-Director, the next time a friend’s bones lie beneath your hand.)

I cut off the communication. Lendill didn’t try again. The Drakus seed trade is threatening to destroy the Alliance as an old enemy reemerges.

Reah is placed in the thick of that battle, with no experience and little help from her superiors. Unexpected betrayals and alliances are formed, and Reah must use every bit of her strength and wit to protect those she loves.

I have no idea why I picked up this book especially after the abuse that Reah went through during the last and this book doesn’t change in that category. The ASA is still using her and putting her in places that no one but a highly trained field operative should get into.

And don’t even get me started on that motherfucking Devin or motherfucking Teeg. Seriously, I am hating the both of them right now. Teeg more than the former asshole.

Reah is treated abysmally by her superiors but she doesn’t break. She is named heir to the guy who is coordinating the whole drakus seed project and then, when she has a plan in place to blast them out into space (exaggeration) the motherfucking ASA drops a bomb on her.

I don’t understand whether she is spineless or strong to take what she does but this book sure as hell hammers home the point that once you give your allegiance to the RAA you are their property.

And god asshole Teeg, I don’t even have words for that level of assholerishness. I don’t care that its not a legal word, it should be and that’s that.

And…urgh….Tory had the gall to mark her when he did. Dud.

But one good thing that happened in this book was Reah’s friendship with the reptanoids. All of whom are cute and cuddly. Believe me, I don’t normally associate those words with snakes but the reptanoids were really good guys.

I can’t even decide why the ASA did what they did. Reah had set the fucking Volcano after them but I don’t know, to me it felt like they were doing cleanup and not the good kind.

Regardless, I am looking forward to the next book.