A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin


Right now, I’m 70% into one of the most deliciously built worlds ever.

I realized somewhere between 20-30% that I should have waited till I was at least 24 to read this, but eh, I read my first BDSM book by Sylvia day or Shayla Black (I don’t remember) about Logan and Cherry when I was twelve.

The first thing I am going to say is:-

This book is so fucking long you could fit three Order of the Phoenix into it.

The second thing I am going to say is (well, its more of an ask):-

Can someone please do me a favor and kill the spineless motherfucking bitch Sansa?

Third thing:-

Can we please have more Arya in the next book?

Fourth thing (more of a confession really):-

I only picked up this book after I read on JMomoa’s wiki that he was Khal Drogo. I am in love with his body, so help me god.

Okay long story, you really should take my word on this, short:-
It’s all about the Iron Throne.

There, I said it.

It’s all about the throne. So far I have figured Lannisters, the queen’s family for those of you who are not in the know, or inbreeding bastards as I fondly call them, deserve to die in the most brutal way possible. Starks are either too good or too spineless for their own good and Jaime Lannister is a snake.

King Robert was a spineless bastard who cared way too much about his throne and too little about his people.

Sansa….I don’t even have words for to describe my hatred for the little bitch.

Arya is my favorite female character. Odd isn’t it? The only female in the whole book who I love is an eight year old girl?

Catelyn is a…well, she is…..pathetic really. No other word for it.

Eddard Stark, what kind of a name is that anyway, is the one male who could, notice I don’t say should but could, sit on the throne and manage it but alas, like always, the just have never wanted the throne.

Danerys (Mighta gotten the spelling wrong there) is a child. She is childish, immature but, and thank god for this, not a bitch.

I am not even going to talk about Viserys (Mighta gotten this one wrong too) and my contempt where he is concerned. All I am going to say is, he makes Dudley look like Pooh.

I don’t know whether I loved this book because I am not sure the word can apply over here. The title is truly justified though. Because this is all about that fugly Throne. It has too much, and I mean too much creepy sex between creepy brother and sister.

The Dothraki, ironically, are the most normal people in the whole book. I would said that I could get behind them had it not been for Khal Drogo’s monologue about crossing the sea and raping and plundering the King’s Lands and people. I can’t get behind that sorta shit. No matter what. Not to mention that I was seriously creeped out by the stallion’s heart thing.

But eh, we, the proud readers of supernatural fiction, have a stomach of steel. If we didn’t, well, we’d have puked a thousand times by now.

I liked Bran though. If that counts. And Jon Snow. I don’t know why I am still reading this book but there it is, this book has hooked me in.

I tell myself:-
Rika, you’re going to pick up a regency romance after this and forget all about the Iron Throne.
But I am lying to myself.

As soon as I finish this book I am going to pick up its sequel and jump into it.

BTW, is anyone else as excited as I am to see where Arya lands?

I haven’t reached there yet.

I will update the review when I finish the fuckin too long book.


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